Get Clients NOW! 28-Day Program

Our 28-day real-time online program will give you the tools you need to take on the business growth you want on your own terms.  Includes 3 FREE months of access to our online Coaching Mastermind (a $297 value).


Course Description

Get Clients NOW! is a training program and coaching program combined. Using the road-tested system outlined in the bestselling Get Clients NOW! book, I provide basic education about sales and marketing, training on how to build an effective sales and marketing plan, and coach participants through the process of implementing the plan they create. In other words, I provide the essential information AND support to get you going on the right track to attract prospects and close sales quickly. 

To help you decide if this course would be worth your time, here’s a quick overview of the key benefits of using this program.

What does the course involve?

  • Get Clients NOW! participants learn how to employ the most powerful sales and marketing strategies for their unique situation, productively organize their sales and marketing activities, and overcome the fear and resistance that blocks effective action.
  • Get Clients NOW! gives participants a simple system for building sales and marketing action plans that can be easily integrated with your organization’s current practices or curriculum. 
  • The Get Clients NOW! system includes over 100 tactics and tools for sales and marketing with step-by-step recipes for their use.
  • Past clients have reported that bringing in a professional facilitator to work directly with their people can dramatically improve their sales and marketing results. 
  • While other consultants and trainers often charge thousands of dollars to deliver a customized sales and marketing program, I can train the people you know and your clients to use this customizable, reusable system for only $249.00 per person, to produce more consistent, longer-term results.