Four Pillars of Business Development

There are four pillars of business development you need to know about if you want to get more business and a higher income. The first of the four is the most important and is foundational to the other three.

The first is Market. Who, specifically, is your market? Put another way, who is your ideal client? Once you are very clear on this, the other four pillars can be a piece of cake.

The second is Message. What is your message, your unique selling proposition? The single most important question to be answered here is one I learned from Dan Kennedy: Why should I buy your (whatever) over any and all other available choices? I think you’ll agree that is one powerful question. Give it some good thought and treat it for the weight it holds.

The third is the Method of Delivery. How specifically will you get the word out? There are six main strategies for Method of Delivery. They are, from most effective to least: Direct Contact and Follow-Up, Networking and Referral Building, Public Speaking, Writing and Publicity, Promotional Events, and Advertising. Now before you jump up and shout, “Jack, did you just diss advertising?” The answer is absolutely not. If you use only advertising as a method of communication, you will certainly gain visibility, but when you combine it with other marketing strategies you multiply the effect and begin to gain credibility and build relationships.

The fourth pillar is your Process. What specifically do you do once contact has been made with a potential client? You need to know how to handle both incoming (they contact you) and outgoing (you contact them) communications. One of four things should happen: 1) They set an appointment with you, 2) You actually have the appointment and present what you can offer, 3) You need to follow-up again at some future date, or 4) They give you a referral. This should all be a process that you and your team follow every time, come rain or shine.

The result of having all four of these pillars firmly in place is that you will get more business and have a greater income.